About Me

My main writing focuses are poetry, short stories and longer works of fiction, which I eventually hope to publish.

Mikaela Walker

I am a 36 year old aspiring writer living on the West Coast of Scotland. Much of the environment and nature around me inspires me to write as well as my journey with physical and mental health issues.

I have always been fond of creative writing in some form since I was young, whether it be poetry, stories or journalling. I have also been attracted to many creative pursuits such as crafting, photography and arts.
These combined interests led me to write and have published two tutorial articles on chainmaille jewellery (see photos below).

Made the Front Cover – Making Jewellery #105
Making Jewellery Article #98

However, my heart has continued to lie in fiction and I have devoured countless novels over the years by many fantastic authors of crime fiction, fantasy and science fiction. I hope to join these authors by developing my own stories and sharing them with the world.

In order to practice my skills, I have taken up an online Creative Writing course as well as joined a local writing group, Helensburgh Writers’ Workshop. In addition, I set-up this writing blog to help keep me motivated and experimenting with various forms of writing.