In the foreground, waves crashing and spraying against large black boulders, a manmade seawall.  In the distance, the silhouette of land jutting out and hills behind on the horizon. Above a cloudy sky, with a small patch of rays breaking through in the top right.
Taken from Helensburgh Pier – Photograph by Mikaela Walker 2022

I haven’t written on my blog for a while and I kept feeling guilty for not keeping up my writing as it’s something I very much want to progress. However, I’ve been struggling against a new kind of fatigue that has been leaving me feeling faint and making it hard to concentrate. I’m used to post-exertional fatigue from my joint hypermobility syndrome and also the numbing malaise that comes from bouts of depression but this is something different. And whilst I’m worrying about my health, I have to ask myself why am I putting needless pressure on myself about not writing on a blog every week? As long as I keep writing in some form surely that’s what matters?
Today, despite feeling tired and a bit sore, I took myself out for some much needed fresh air. I found myself wandering towards the pier and like the muse it has always been to me, the water inspired me. It may be only a short poem but as long as I keep writing and keep creating that’s what is important.


Swelling waves
Become hills marching
Towards the shore,
Assaulting the rocks
With thundering crashes.
White froth spurting
Violently forth
Like arterial spray.
Pure unrepentant force
Incessantly striking
Water against the land,
Causing cliffs to fall
And eroding stone to sand.

Published by kaelawalker

30-something aspiring writer on the West Coast of Scotland. Inspired by nature, beautiful Scotland and my journey coping with physical and mental illness.

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