World Mental Health Day

Painting with acrylic background in reds, pinks and dashes of blue.  Main focus is a charcoal drawing of a figured hugged into itself, with it's back to the viewer.  The drawing is to represent vulnerability and the idea of holding it, emotions, all in.
“Hold it in” original artwork by me, Mikaela Walker

Today is World Mental Health Day and as a long-term sufferer of Recurrent Mixed Depressive and Anxiety Disorder, I thought I’d share some poems I have written that reflect my mental illness and how I felt.
Writing poetry has helped me greatly through my worst depressive episodes and still helps me today. It is, for me, a great way to vent emotionally and is as equally important in helping my mental well-being as journaling.

This voice in my mind,
It is mine
But it is not me.
It is a diseased faction
Of my thoughts – gathering,
Infecting my self,
With venomous words
That are my own
Yet not my own choosing.
This voice is a part of me,
This voice is apart from me.
An assault turning inward
From all fronts and behind.
It attacks everything it is
And everything it is not.
This voice is my own,
But it is not me.

Unwanted Visitor
It turns up, without an invite.
It strides on in, without a knock on the door.
It makes itself comfortable, without a welcome.
It turns everything upside down,
Without pause, without cause.
It takes on over,
Without a care, without an ear
For the cries –
For it to desist, to depart.
It does what it wants,
Without mercy,
And when finally it chooses to leave,
It leaves me,
To pick up all the pieces,
Until the next time it comes for me.

It is a constriction
A tautness, a tightness,
A pressure building 
With nothing giving in.
A million thoughts
In one vessel.
Stress fractures,
Barely holding it together,
Under the pressure.

Published by kaelawalker

30-something aspiring writer on the West Coast of Scotland. Inspired by nature, beautiful Scotland and my journey coping with physical and mental illness.

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