Poetry – Storm

Photograph of rough, dark waters of the River Clyde as it stretches out to meet the sea. Grey skies are overhead.  Each side of the picture are dark outlines of the points of Dunoon (right) and Gourock (left) that cut into the water.  In the far distance and only just visible is the faint outline of the Isle of Arran.
Photograph taken by Mikaela Walker, Kilcreggan Beach.

Quite often when writing poetry I find myself drifting towards the imagery of water and of storms. I find it a great way to describe tumultuous feelings but not only that, the powerful nature of the sea and weather is something that I have always found inspires awe. No matter our technological advances, we are for the most part still pawns to its whims.


Shadows muster,
As dark clouds cluster.
Overhead the white and the blue
Disappears from our view.
As the sea – it swells, it churns.
The growing wind whips and cuts, 
Bringing doors and windows to be tightly shut.
-Keep it out, keep it at bay.
Whilst leaves and litter are brought to life,
In a violent dance, playing in their strife.
The bellowing gale nearly does drown
The low, the deep, the rolling sound.
We search for the flash, in our sights,
In such darkness, not a welcomed light.

Published by kaelawalker

30-something aspiring writer on the West Coast of Scotland. Inspired by nature, beautiful Scotland and my journey coping with physical and mental illness.

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